Carrageenan for skin care

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Carrageenan for skin care

It is a polysaccharide, which is derived from seaweed. It works as a perfect thickening agent, hair conditioning agent and binder. Carrageenan contains perfect water binding properties including the efficiency of forming gels even at room temperatures.

They offer a variety of textures that can emulsify a plenty of formulations like foams, emulsions and suspensions. Some past research results show that topical application of this ingredient Carrageenan may hinder some genital sexually transmitted diseases, primarily HPV.

Cosmetic manufacturers find this ingredient valuable as it has the ability to thin under pressure and recover again once the pressure is taken out. This simply means they are easy pumping and stiffen again. You can find this ingredient in many personal products too like facial moisturizer, conditioner, shampoo, cleanser, foundation, shaving cream, sunscreen etc.

Chondrus Crispus

It is also called as Carrageenan derived from Irish Moss. It is an agent that helps in skin conditioning and controls viscosity in the product. As it is an extract of seaweed, it is a powerhouse of minerals and vitamins, which are essential to maintain a healthy skin.

The most interesting property of this carrgeenan is its strength to protect your skin against UV rays, which makes it a useful ingredient in preparation of sun screen.

It is a skin softener and a thickening agent as well. It is red in colour and thus known as Irish Moss. It is also used in the treatment given for hair miniaturization both as a powder or decoction.

In both forms it makes the hair vibrant, glossy and softens your scalp. It is a pretty fine jelly that helps in making your hair and skin soft. You can find it in cleansers, bath products, shampoo bars, shower soaps and face masks. In cleansers it is used as soothing and softening gel bases.